The Pampered Poodle Palace

A Family of Happy, Healthy Standard Poodles

Our Poodle Family...


Retired " Axl Rose "

BLACK CKC Registered Male

67 lbs.

Height at shoulder 27 inches



White/Cream Female

AKC and CKC Registered Standard Poodle

25" at shoulder



Red Ruby Blaze 

AKC and CKC Registered

73 lbs 27 inches at shoulder

She is a Red / Apricot Standard Poodle


" Oslo's Starry Night "

72 lbs 29 inches at shoulder

Blue Female offspring of 

Axl Rose and Starry Night Emilie

CKC Registered Standard Poodle


Dutchess Kimber Lillibelle

Black and White Parti Poodle

APRI and CKC Registered Standard Poodle


Jean-Claude of Alabama

AKC and CKC Registered Red Standard Poodle

28" and 71 pounds


Ruby's Palace Treasure Lucy

(Offspring of Red Ruby Blaze)

Creamy Apricot Female 

CKC Registered Standard Poodle

27" and 72 pounds


Ruby's Palace Treasure Izzabelle

(Offspring of Red Ruby Blaze)

Red Female 

AKC and CKC Registered Standard Poodle

29" and 70 pounds


Lillibelle's Palace Treasure Annabelle

(Offspring of Lillibelle and Axl Rose)

Jet Black CKC Registered Female 

Standard Poodle

55 lbs and 26" at Shoulder.


Newest Additions

Palace Prize Mink Lady
AKC and CKC Registered Brown/Chocolate Standard Poodle
Adult size 70 to 80 pounds.


Heroic Hankenstein
AKC and CKC Registered Black and White Standard Poodle
75 pounds.(He's our Biggest Poodle)


Moses is offspring of Axl Rose and Starry Night Emile. 
He sires a few of our litters
Brown Standard Poodle
CKC Registered

Keagan King of the Palace

       Keagan is a RED AKC and CKC Registered Standard Poodle. 

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